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Real Money Poker Online?

Real poker money online is a concept wherein players bet on the outcome of a game at the risk of losing real poker money. After making a financial investment in online poker real money, the player receives chips. Once the game comes to an end, the player stands to lose either the chips based on their performance or they can win more chips. The player can then encash the chips once the poker cash game is over and they have exited the poker table room on the app.

Evolution of Real Money Poker Online

The game of poker developed in the United States in the 19th century. Initial reporting of the game can be traced to ‘Poque’, a similar game, which was played widely across French parlours. It was only later that the game travelled to the United States via French sailors. Since then, poker has become one of the most widely played pastime games ever. It became a regional game in Louisiana and New Orleans, and every parlour in the region had the games before these two places became a part of the US federal setup. During the mid-1800s, the game was played with a deck comprising 20-52 cards in New Orleans.

According to many people, some of the earliest origins of the game can be found in China, around the 10th century, where it is said that the people of the empire were fond of the game. At that time, it was played with leaves and so it was also called the ‘leaf game’.

In the 1970s, after some developments to the existing methodologies, poker became more popular than before. Around the same time, the famous World Series of Poker also began. This heralded the introduction of modern-day tournaments, especially in the American casinos.

In the 1980s, poker started to appear in popular culture, such as, in the series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Two significant events cemented the craze for poker in the late 1980s. These were:

  • California legalised the games of Omaha and Hold’em in 1987. However, earlier only draw games were played, which caused a rise in demand for poker games.
  • The Congress passed the IGRA in 1988, which made playing casino games on Indian soil legal.

With constant developments in technology, people now play real poker online and even win money. You can play real money poker online on various poker tables by choosing a verified and legal domain with the help of a real money poker app.

Play Poker for Real Money

To play poker for real money, you can download poker game from a few credible applications (apps) and play throughout the day from anywhere in the world without actually stepping out and visiting a casino. You can also join live real poker games through these apps. Such apps feature free poker cash games where you can win real money for yourself. By joining a few free entry tournaments, you can familiarise yourself with the basic Poker rules of the games. Once you have observed the game well and honed your skills, you can try your hand at winning real cash bonus chips (RCB) according to the rank on the leaderboard.

You can use the bonus chips to make purchases at the cash table and play live real money poker games online.

How to Play Real Money Poker Games?

A real money poker online how to play poker game begins with a ‘blind’ or ‘ante’, which is a type of forced bet. In a real setting, the players would have to put their bets into the pot, but on a real cash poker app, the blinds are deducted automatically based on the position of the player.

Every table is assigned an automated dealer who distributes the cards and manages the game proceedings. Post the forced bet, the dealer hands over an equal number of face-down cards. Players can fold, raise or call a bet.

In an online poker cash game, a player who doesn’t fold cards wins the current hand in play along with the money in the pot. And if there are two players remaining, the final showdown forces them to reveal their cards and the player with the higher-ranking card wins the poker money.

Types of Poker Real Cash Games

7-card & 5-card stud poker
In the 7-card stud poker or razz poker game, the player is handed three up and four face-down cards and the player is expected to arrange the best five cards out of the total seven. In the 5-card stud poker game, the player is provided five cards out of which you are allowed to replace three cards in order to get the highest-ranking five-card poker hand.

5-card PLO and 6-card PLO
In these two games, 5- and 6-hole cards are played respectively. With the addition of extra hole cards, the chances of making high-ranking combinations multiply. Two variations generate more action and create bigger pots.

Texas Hold’em Poker
This is the most played real money poker online game. In a Texas Hold’em Poker game, the dealer hands out five community cards and two face-down cards. This is distributed in a series of four-betting rounds. The player has to make use of both community and hole cards in order to make the winning five-card hand.

Pot Limit Omaha Poker
This game is quite similar to the Texas Hold’em game. The only difference in Omaha Poker is that players are provided four-hole cards in place of five and two community cards. Players then need to arrange the best five-hand cards comprising three community and two hole cards.

How You Can Win in Online Poker Real Money?

Winning in real money poker online games is challenging. The players should have sound knowledge and grasp of key techniques associated with the game in order to win. Below are some concepts that polish your game and help you train in advance before you start to play poker real games online

  • Memorising the ranking and strength of each poker hand combination will increase your chances of making the right decisions on the table.
  • You need to be patient and start with low-stake games. Once you learn how to read your opponent's moves, you can move up the stakes.
  • Be disciplined, avoid chasing losses and keep monitoring your progress.
  • Prepare a budget and stick to it. At all costs, avoid the temptation of playing with more money that exceeds the set budget.


First Games Poker  is a great option for gamers who want to play any new real cash game and earn money while having fun. Now, playing real money poker online games is challenging but not discouraging. All it takes is patience, discipline and sound knowledge of the basic concepts of the game before you can start to play poker online for money. Download First Games Poker, which is a credible platform and play as much as you want for free. Hone your skills, build your confidence, get an idea of real poker online and even win some poker money before you can start playing in national and international tournaments for bigger stakes.


Can I play online poker in India?
Yes, poker can be legally played in India. The Gambling Act of 1867 does not ban games based on skill set, so poker can be played.
Is a poker app safe?
If you download a legal and credible app, you can safely play without compromising your security or money.
Are real money poker online games all skill or luck?
There is some element of luck involved in the game but that does not rule out the fact that those playing professionally in international tournaments and poker cash games require strong skills in order to win big money.
Who are some of the best poker players in India in poker now?
Some of the best poker players in the country are Ankit Ahuja, Raghav Bansal, Vivek Rajkumar, Paawan Bansal and Dhaval Mudgal.
How much money can I win by playing real poker money online?
After analysing players, it is assumed that you can win around $100-500 monthly by playing real poker money online.
Is it possible to earn by playing real poker cash games online?
Yes, it is possible to win real poker money by playing online. However, to get to that level you need to learn advanced skills. Otherwise, you could end up losing what you have.


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