Poker Terms: An all-inclusive manual tailored to newcomers

What is Poker?

A popular card game, ‘poker’, is a game of strategy and skill, along with a little bit of luck. The game is very entertaining and exciting, because of which it has gained popularity. Poker is not only played in casinos but even during festivals like Diwali. The online version of poker is extremely popular too. The terms used in poker are extremely specific as well. 

So, once the poker terms are explained, you have a better probability of excelling at the game! Let us have a look at them. Use these poker winning terms, and improve your game!

What are Some Common Poker Terms?

To understand the game of poker better, there are many poker terms that you should know and understand for better play. Knowledge of the language will not only improve your understanding of poker, but you will also enjoy it more and have better communication with the opponents. Let us explore some commonly used poker terminology. These are not just poker slang terms, but used in high stakes games as well. 

  • Action 

One of the more common poker terms, ‘action’ refers to the various ways a hand can be played. The different actions in a game of poker are betting, checking, calling, raising and folding. Additionally, after the players make a bet, they must show the cards to the dealer. This is another action.

  • Check

One of the most important poker online terms, the ‘check’ is an action made during the game of poker. When a player checks, it means that they do not want to take any action in the game. The player will not bet, fold or raise. This is a popular term in the poker glossary. 

  • Raise

Another action made during a poker game is a ‘raise’, which means the player wishes to increase the amount of the bet. In the case of a no-limit game, the player can raise as many times as they want. There is a minimum raise amount, which is the amount of the previous bet. Raise is one of the most common used poker terms and definitions. 

  • Check raise

‘Check raise’ is a kind of strategy used by players when they want their opponents to think that they don’t have a strong hand. In this situation, a player checks early in a betting round, when another player opens the round. A ‘check raise’ is a common poker term.

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  • Fold

A ‘fold’ is an action made by players during a round of poker. It means that the player wishes to discard the cards. Now, when does a player fold? A player folds when they don’t have good cards and do not wish to make any bets in the game. Thus, ‘folding’ is a common poker term.

  • Ante

A commonly used word in the poker glossary, ‘ante’ is the amount of money or poker chips that the player has to play at the beginning of the game. The ‘ante’ must be given by all the players in order to get their poker cards. 

  • All-in

All-in’ is a common bet in poker terminology, and it is made by a player who wishes to put all their poker chips on the table. There are a few reasons for a player to make an ‘all-in’ bet. The first one is that the player might not have enough poker chips for betting. All-in’ poker term also signifies the player’s confidence in their cards and confidence to win the round. The player could be bluffing with an ‘all-in’ bet too. All-in is the most commonly used poker game term.

  • Dealer

The person who is responsible for dealing the cards and managing the actions and bets during a game of poker is called the dealer. You will come across the term dealer in all poker terms and phrases. 

  • Hand

In the game of poker, any combination of five cards is called a ‘hand’. The hand is a common poker language term. The player who has the best ‘hand’ in the game wins all the money in that round. 

  • Pot

In a poker glossary, a ‘pot’ is the total sum of money amassed from the chips that the players pay during the game. A player who wins the game, wins the entire ‘pot’ amount.

  • Chips

‘Poker chips’ are the currency used in the game of poker. These chips can denote different values. These chips are also called casino tokens. 

  • Blind

This is a compulsory bet that the players have to make in a game of poker. The ‘blind bet’ is done by the player sitting to the left of the dealer. A traditional game of poker has two blinds —‘big blind’ and ‘small blind’. 

The player who is to the left of the dealer pays the ‘small blind’, and the player to the left of this player has to make the ‘big blind’ payment. The big blind is usually the minimum bet amount, and the ‘small blind’ is half the value of the ‘big blind’.

  • Buy-in

A commonly used poker terminology, a ‘buy-in’ is the amount that all the players need to pay to play sit-and-go tournaments. Typically, a higher ‘buy-in’ signifies a bigger prize pool.

  • Heads up

‘Heads up’ is a situation in a poker game that arises when there are only two players left in that round. Then, the game is called a ‘heads up’ game.

  • Flop

A ‘flop’ is usually done in a game of Texas Hold’em Poker and is one of the basic poker terms for this variant. The dealer puts three cards and the community cards on the table. The three cards are visible to all the players who are playing at the table. 

  • Turn

The betting round happens after the ‘flop’. Once the betting round is done, the dealer deals a community card on the table. This is called the ‘turn card’.

  • River

Once the ‘turn card’ is dealt and a round is played, another betting round is done, after which the dealer deals the last community card. This face-up card on the table is called a ‘river card’. 

What are Some Common Poker Terms for Hands?

Now that we have understood some terms used in the game, let us look at some other common poker terminologies used for common hands that are made. Adding these to the poker terminology list is a good way to understand the game.

  • A pair

A ‘pair’ is a hand in poker in which a player gets two cards that have the same value. You will come across pair in all poker terms. 

  • Three-of-a-kind

‘Three-of-a-kind’ is a poker hand in which a player gets a hand with three cards of the same value. 

  • Straight

A ‘straight’ is a poker term in which a player gets a continuous sequence of cards. The cards can belong to different suits. 

  • Flush

A ‘flush’ is a ranking in which all the cards belong to the same suit.

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  • Full house

A ‘full house’ is a poker hand that is a combination. This combination is of a ‘three of a kind’ and a ‘pair’. 

  • Four-of-a-kind

This poker hand has four cards that are the same, and an extra card.

  • Straight flush

One of the harder poker hands, a ‘straight flush’ is a hand in which the player has five continuous cards that belong to the same suit.

  • Royal flush

A player is said to have a ‘royal flush’ if they have cards ranking with Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. 


While it takes time to get skilled at poker, knowledge of the common poker terminology is a step in the right direction. Once you understand these, play practice games to improve your skills! 

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  • How can I win in poker, by luck or strategy? Arrow
    Since it is a gambling game, poker is influenced by luck, especially beginner’s luck. However, unlike the other games in the casino, poker also requires skill and strategy. A game of poker can also be won with bad cards if you have the skills and you know how to bluff. 
  • What is a ‘dead man’s hand’? Arrow
    A ‘dead man’s hand’ is a poker term used to describe a combination of two pairs that include aces and eights. This hand is called the ‘dead man’s hand’ because it was held by Wild Bill Hickok (a gunfighter); when he was shot dead at the poker table.
  • What is a bankroll? Arrow
    A ‘bankroll’ is the total amount of money that the player has in their bank, and that they will spend on poker. This is basically the money the player keeps aside for buy-ins. For proper management of the game, the players should manage their ‘bankroll’ efficiently. Bankroll is used quite often as an online poker term.
  • What is a ‘bluff’? Arrow
    Top poker players often play ‘bluff’. This is a strategy in which the players bet or raise in order to give the appearance of good cards. When a player raises, chances are, the opponent will fold because they believe the player has a good card. This tactic is used when you have a bad card with a slim chance of victory. Most players bluff, and it is one of the most popular poker terms and meanings.
  • What are community cards? Arrow
    The dealer keeps the community cards in the centre of the table. These cards are shared by the poker players during the game. This is also known as the ‘board’. 
  • How hard is poker? Arrow
    It is not hard to play poker! Only if you understand the basic rules and poker terms, it is quite simple! Follow the card terms poker to get better at the game.

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