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Understand the black queen card game

One of the most well-known variations of the types of card games is the black queen card game. The black queen game online has surpassed the popularity of hearts cards and has become a game within itself. The queen card game, sometimes called the black lady, differs from all the other variations of the Game of Heart because the Queen of Spades card carries a 13-point penalty. You can find all the information about the black queen card game, its rules, and winning tactics in the following article. 

What is the Black Queen card game?

The black queen card game is one of the most common trick-avoiding card games. In this discard game, each player takes a turn to pass three cards to their opponent.

  • The number of players: Normally, this game is played with 4 players, but if only 3 people participate, one card from the deck must be discarded to equalise the total playing cards in each player's hands. The two of clubs tend to be the one card that is discarded.

  • Deck: This game employs a conventional 52-card deck without Jokers. The cards are from 2 to A, low to high.

  • Arrangement of the game: Each card is dealt in turn, clockwise, until all of the cards have been dealt. To start the game, each player should have 13 cards.

  • Passing: The ability to "modify" your and your opponent's hand by passing a few cards before the game starts is something that distinguishes this black queen game online from others. After the cards are dealt, each player chooses 3 cards (any 3 cards) to pass to one of their opponents. 
  • Each player passes three cards to their left after the initial cards deal, according to the card passing rules. 
  • Each player passes three cards to the right side on the next deal. 
  • After the third deal, players pass 3 cards to their opponent on the opposite side. 
  • Players hold their cards and make no passes whatsoever on the fourth deal. Then, the order for passing the cards starts over for the next deals.

  • Number of black cards: There are a total of 26 black cards, consisting of 13 clubs and 13 spades. There are two Queen of black cards in total, one of each type: clubs and Queen of Spades card.

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The objective of the Black Queen card game:

In the game of black lady, a player must refrain from scoring any points. The player with the lowest points is usually declared the winner, and the game ends. The game usually has an upper limit of 50 or 100 points, and any player who surpasses that total declares the game to be over. The Queen of the Game (winner) is the person who has the lowest score at that point.

The game is a draw if there are at least two players who are tied for the lowest score. Some types of card games variations in black queen game online allow players to deduct points from their score as long as they hit 100 points precisely (usually, they will subtract 50 points or even start again at 0).

How to play the Black Queen card game?

While playing the black queen card game, the total playing cards will already be sorted and divided to be made available to you, allowing you to start playing right away and enjoy the game without spending any time. 13 private cards will be dealt to each of the four players one at a time in a manner that only they are able to see. After this is sorted, the game can proceed in the following way:

  • Each player must choose three cards from the 13 cards they received and pass them to the player seated on their left once the total playing cards have been distributed equally among the participants. In this manner, the number of cards for each player remains at 13, with each player exchanging three cards and receiving three in return.
  • After that, the player holding 2 of clubs will begin the game by laying that card with its face up on the gaming screen so that all the players can see.
  • From this point, each player will try to place a club card individually, following card suit.
  • Without a club card, a player may place any card on the table—aside from the point cards—to alter the suit of the cards.
  • The player holding the highest-ranking card at this point takes the first trick and will take the lead in the following trick by putting a card down first.
  • If they don't have the continued suit card, the players can now use the point cards from the second trick.
  • Now, the players continue to play black game tricks until all their cards have been utilised and/or accrued the predetermined number of penalty points.

It will be time to mark each player separately once all 13 cards given to each player have been used up in a specified number of tricks and when any player exceeds the penalty of the score decided before the black queen card game starts.

What is Shooting the Moon in the Black Lady game?

This rule is the one that really gets things going. Yes, points are not good in the black queen game online, but only if you know how to use every single one of them. If a player successfully acquires all 26 points (13 hearts cards points and the card queen penalty for spades) towards the end of a hand, that player does not receive 26 points. These points are eliminated, and the player has zero points which make him the winner. Although this is quite a risky move that pro players take, it is worth every risk if you know the trick and use it successfully.

Rules of the Black Queen card game:

You must be familiar with the rules of the black queen card game in order to enjoy it and improve your chances of being the winner. This will also guarantee that you get the most out of this game. You must adhere to the following guidelines while playing the game:

  • Four players often play the Black Lady card game, with 13 cards distributed equally to each participant. Players in the Black Queen game online must always receive an equal distribution of cards. Thus, if there are fewer players, the number of cards must be revised. Some cards may even be taken out of play before the game begins.
  • All the cards are distributed simultaneously until the total playing cards deck gets over, with each player having an equal number of cards.
  • In the black queen card play, there are no trump suits.
  • All hearts cards have a penalty point value of 1, the queen of spades card has a penalty points value of 13, and all other playing cards have no value.
  • The game will begin when the person with the 2 of clubs places it face up on the table.
  • The players will exchange three cards with their opponent to their left and three cards with their opponent to their right in the first dealing.
  • Unless none of the players has any cards of that specific suit, in which case they may place any other card—aside from the point cards—in the first deal.
  • The player with the highest card ranking wins and takes the lead in the following round.
  • In the first trick, no player can begin with hearts cards; however, if a player finally finds himself unable to follow another player's lead and must place a card, they may use hearts cards.
  • According to the "shooting the moon" rule of the black queen card game, the player who accumulates all 26 penalty points—which include all of the hearts cards and queen card—wins the round. 

Now that you know the rules to begin playing the game, you can start playing First Games poker to slowly learn with trial and error and get better at the game.

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How to Score in the Black Queen card game?

Unlike most types of card games where you need to score the highest points to win, scoring points are unfavourable in rounds of the black queen game online. You must strive to avoid applauding your scores in this game because the game's goal is to maintain the lowest score possible, much like in golf. Each hearts cards in the game of black lady have one penalty point, and the queen card (Queen of Spades card) carries 13. Players receive one point for each heart cards they have taken after the hand is over and all tricks have been won, plus an additional 13 points if they happen to take the Queen of Spades card. The player with the fewest penalty points among all of the players will win the match.

And if a player shoots the moon, which in a black queen card game means that the player earned all 26 penalty points (1 point for every one of the thirteen cards in the heart suit and 13 points for the queen of spades card), then the 26 penalty points scored will not be taken into account, and he or she will have 0 penalty points, which will declare the player as the winner.


This is all there is to learn in theory about black lady Holdem poker. However, unless you start playing the game by yourself, you will not be able to ace it. Keeping these rules in mind, download First Games poker to enjoy with your friends and start your hands to become the pro Queen of the Game!


  • How many cards do you deal with in the black lady game? Arrow
    Depending on how many players there are and how many cards each player wants to have with them, the play black game begins with 13 cards or 12 cards. As new players join the game, you can keep adding decks.
  • How many people can play the black queen card game? Arrow
    In this game, there are usually four players who play the Black Lady card game, with 13 cards distributed equally to each participant.
  • What is ‘discarding’ in the Black Lady game? Arrow
    Card passing has always been a part of the black queen card game, unlike the traditional game of Hearts. The oldest term for black queen card play was Discard Hearts since this card passing feature is also known as discarding.
  • Where can I get more black queen cards game information? Arrow
    Go to the website of First Games Poker or click on https://firstgamespoker.in/ to get more information or to download the game and start playing.
  • What are the main variants of the Queen card game? Arrow
    Pink Lady, Omnibus Hearts, and Cancellation Hearts are the three primary variations of Black Lady.

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