Poker Hands: Analysing Memorable Poker Hands and Strategies

Record your hand history

Note down memorable poker hands so that you can study them later and understand the pros and cons of that kind of hand. There are poker hand tracking apps like Hand2Note that will help you keep a record of poker hands.

Calculate your equity

The equity calculator can give you an idea of how some poker hands stack up against other poker hands. This tool is particularly helpful when you are going to close the action by calling. It can help you with these decisions-Should I bluff?Should I call without closing the action?Should I value betting?

Get better at hand reading

Hand reading lets you put your opponent on a range of different holdings. You can accurately understand the range of the opponent, then you can find your best play. When you review your hand history, you can learn a lot by going through the hand and by putting your opponent through a specific range in every spot.

Create a messaging group with your poker friends

Many poker friends who have reached similar levels of expertise often form a group where they post issues that crop up during poker games and the group can analyse the difficult hands together.

View training videos

There are many videos posted online that delve into the nuances of different kinds of hands. You may not be able to find your hand, but you can still learn a lot by watching these videos that will help you make correct decisions in the future.