Master the Vital Art of Bluffing in Online Poker

What is bluffing in poker?

In poker, bluffing means maintaining an inscrutable game style that will make your opponents give up a better hand than the one you possess. It is an act of deceiving your opponents. It puts them under pressure, they incorrectly guess your next move, increasing your chances of winning.

Attack your opponents when they are weak!

When you see any passive behaviour from your opponents like a betting manner that is unusual, understand that this is your opponent’s weakness and plant your bluff!

Don’t try to bluff when the table has too many players!

Bluffing is easier when your opponents are few. It is much simpler to study the betting patterns and other tells of a few players as opposed to many players.

Represent a hand

Representing means, you create the impression that you are holding on to a hand that is not your actual hand. Suppose you are going to bet high on a hand like K♠ Q♦ 7♥, you will be representing a strong hand such as KQ, QQ, KK, Q7 or 77.

Your position at the table matters!

A bluff works marvellously when your opponents will be taking an action after you’ve had your turn. So, if you are new to bluffing, follow this strategy.

Stay calm

The fundamental trick to pull off a successful bluff is to be calm and calculating. Watch your opponents, don’t get too excited or overconfident. You should start small by trying out bluffs at small tables.