5 Top Places in India to Play Poker and Sharpen Your Technique


Delhi is the hub of poker enthusiasts in India. Players hailing from this city have an instinctive knack for the game. Top poker players in India such as Ankit Ahuja and Dhaval Mudgal hail from Delhi.


Bangalore is a promising place to play poker in India. At first, the game was played at back-door events but over time, Bangalore has become one of the key places in India responsible for training players to participate in the World Series of Poker games. Many players have availed of the benefit to learn and represent India on a global platform.


Hyderabad is a developed metropolitan city that offers ample opportunities for poker players in India to sharpen their skills. Many advancements have been made in order to accommodate both local and National players to compete and win.


Mumbai is one of the nerve centres for poker games in the country. Located close to the border of Goa, Mumbai organises many games throughout the year across the city. Mumbai totally celebrates the poker game and players hailing from this city have gone on to represent India in international poker tours.


Poker tournaments in Goa are held at a greater frequency than in any other state in the country. In Goa, the game of poker is a major rage and it attracts tourists from far and wide who want to watch the best players at their game. Poker tournaments organised in Goa are both at the level of local as well as international events.